Bored to death I felt creative So I created the new word Woemorange I did this for the express purpose That something would rhyme with Orange. Then on a roll I set about Inventing the word Vinana And felt better that at last there was Now a word that rhymes with banana. In a flurry... Continue Reading →


The fire

I presented a poem for the fire today And tore it from the pages So that it was merely instant And not saved for the ages. The flame embraced the paper Like a lover's lust filled hands And the poem gave itself over To the fire's passion filled demands. Engulfed, the poem exploded In a... Continue Reading →

Cornish Arms

Little stocky chunky legs Grumpy barman, craft beer kegs Indian boyfriend, tight blue jeans Kitchen hand, rubbish bin Beer Garden scenes. Mural wall, smoking table, big bowl of chips, Sexy black dress red hair girl Child baring hips One armed man, one armed man Red wine glass, coffee cup, Melbourne Bitter can.

Following Me

I'm being followed by visions of my tomorrow. I'm being followed by my options for more sorrow. I'm being followed by time I can never borrow. I'm in a groundhog moment that's no closer to ending. I'm in a groundhog moment of exuberant spending. I'm in a groundhog moment thats not worth defending. I am... Continue Reading →

The unbearable dream

Shall we know the time to still our temper and hold Onto our hard anger and keep from growing cold In the filled in graves of soldiers unknown and known, So that planted flowers on our grave will have grown And the mothers and children will have grown long old.     Can we join,... Continue Reading →

In Pickets Charge

In Pickets Charge men made advance This third day would be their game chance To the long and distant blue line Ripe, like summer fruit on the vine Toward the great long blue expanse   Onward they walked, as in a trance Not one in deathly happenstance On both sides, men with cause entwined Come... Continue Reading →

The Letter from Harriet Newby

A six inch spike sticks in his throat bleeding And there Dangerfield Newby lays dead As not one rose up supporting his cause, And soon they removed the ears from his head.   First of the fallen from John Brown's army The first of thousands to die for his cause Newby laid out there as... Continue Reading →

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

I stood at Little Round Top in footsteps Where the heroes of history had stood In the quiet of a November morn, Up amongst Little Round Tops greening wood   When Union seemed set, ready for defeat Where Chamberlain braced his men, stout and still, Met line upon line, ragged soldiers blue, On the northern... Continue Reading →


I do not agree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it - Evelyn Beatrice Hall. Spread your message with kindness, care and generosity of spirit. I'm unashamedly voting YES in the Australian Commonwealth Government's appalling, wasteful, divisive Same Sex Marriage Survey. I've encouraged my... Continue Reading →

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